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Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai

BE – Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department Profile

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the year 2013,with an intake of 60 undergraduate students. Since then the department has come a long way and is now regarded as one of the premiere departments of the institution. The department has full-fledged faculty members who are dedicated and well experienced in different fields of specialization. The department is fully equipped with latest systems and apparatus in the Electrical machines, Power Electronics, Control Systems, Power System Simulation, Embedded Systems, Measurements and Instrumentation laboratories. The mission of the department is to produce highly competent Electrical and Electronics Engineers with a sound knowledge in all the areas concerning the discipline.

Vision and Mission


  • To be an international centre for education, research and the application of knowledge, to benefit the society globally in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.


  • To impart high quality technical education and develop Electrical and Electronics Engineers with a sound theoretical knowledge combined with practical skills in all the areas concerning the discipline.
  • To inculcate innovative research capabilities and exemplary professional conduct to lead and to use technology for the progress of our country.



  1. An ability to carry out research in different areas of Electrical and electronics Engineering fields resulting in journal publications and product development.

  2. To design and formulate solutions for industrial requirements using Electrical and electronics engineering.

  3. To understand and develop solutions required in multidisciplinary engineering fields.


  1. To provide students with a strong foundation in mathematics, science and engineering, necessary to understand and solve engineering problems. Prepare the students for a successful career in industries and also for higher studies.
  2. To enable the students to acquire the ability to analyze, design and build electrical and electronic systems, needed in power electronic drives, variety of controllers, Power generation, transmission and distribution systems.
  3. To impart students with a sound knowledge of software tools and skills for taking up research in upcoming areas in the field of electrical and electronics engineering, leading to publications, patents, and for embarking on entrepreneurial ventures with an aptitude for lifelong learning.

  4. To impart communication skills, to inculcate values and professional ethics, leadership qualities and team spirit for an overall personality development, to instill confidence in managing financial resources, to create environmental awareness and a passion for using the knowledge acquired, for addressing the societal concerns.


Engineering Graduates will be able to:

At the end of the four year programme, the graduates will be able to

  • Demonstrate basic knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering.

  • Analyze electrical and electronic circuits and systems.

  • Model, design and evaluate the performance and maintenance of electrical systems.

  • Comprehend the structure of power systems, both conventional and renewable and analyze their operation, control, protection and utilization.
  • Formulate power electronic controllers for industrial drives.

  • Apply the programming knowledge of commonly used programming languages, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and for control applications.

  • Use software tools for the design, simulation and analysis of electrical and electronics engineering problems.
  • Design and conduct experiments on circuits, control components and evaluate their performance.
  • Understand energy and environmental issues and incorporate suitable measures for their conservation in the design of systems.
  • Communicate effectively in order to enhance their opportunities for building a successful career.
  • Carry on with lifelong learning and research in thrust areas concerning electrical and electronics and allied fields and manage financial resources with a promise of becoming a leader in the chosen field.

  • Function effectively in team work and understand professional ethics and social responsibilities.


Name : Dr Mr.J.Karthikeyan

Qualification:  B.E.,M.E.,M.B.A.,Ph.D

Designation: Professor & Principal

Research Interest: Power Electronics And Drives


Experience: 21 Years

Name : Mr.B.Vadivel

Qualification:  B.E.,M.E.,(Ph.D)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Research Interest: Electrical Machines, Power Electronics


Experience: 13 Years

Name : Mr.S.Rajeshkumar

Qualification:  B.E.,M.E.

Designation: Assistant Professor

Research Interest: Power Electronics, Control Systems


Experience: 9 Years

Name : Dr.N.M.Vijaya kumar

Qualification:   M.E.,Ph.D.,

Designation: HOD & Assistant Professor

Research Interest : power system


Experience: 10.5 Years

Name : Mr.V.Kanagasubramanian

Qualification:    B.E.,M.Tech (Ph.D)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Research Interest: Control System And Power Electronic Drives


Experience: 13 Years

Name : Mr.B.A.Sureshbabu

Qualification:    B.E.,M.Tech

Designation: Assistant Professor

Research Interest: Control And Instrumentation Engg


Experience: 9 Years

Name : Dr.S.G.Priyadharshini

Qualification:    B.E.,M.Tech.,Ph.D

Designation: Assistant Professor

Research Interest: Power system IoT


Experience: 2 Years 2 Months

Name : Mrs.G.Sharmila

Qualification:    B.E.,M.E.,

Designation: Assistant Professor

Research Interest: Solid dielectrics


Experience: 10 Years

Name : Mrs.G.Thamarai selvi

Qualification:    B.E.,M.E.,

Designation: Assistant Professor

Research Interest: Renewable energy sources / E-vehicles


Experience: 11 years


Name : Mrs. P.Pon Ragothama Priya

Qualification:    B.E.,M.E., (Ph.D)

Designation: Assistant Professor

Research Interest: Power System


Experience: 5 years

Name : Mrs. Poorani. S

Qualification:    B.E.,M.E.

Designation: Assistant Professor

Research Interest: Power Systems


Experience: 2 Years


We have well established and well equipped state of art equipments where students are allowed to carry out projects under the able guidance of our faculty.

Electrical Machines Laboratory –

I & II-This lab is used to experimentally verify the characteristics of AC and DC machines.

Power Electronics Laboratory –

This lab is used to study the power switching devices characteristics, power conversion technologies and speed control of electrical machines.

Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits Laboratory –

This lab is used to study the operation of logic gates, implementation of adder/subtractor, working of multiplexer and demultiplexer, A/D &D/A Converter, Shift Registers and Counters, Phase Locked Loop (PLL), etc.

Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory –

DC and AC bridges, transducers, thermocouples and instrumentation trainers.

Control Systems Laboratory –

Introduction to signals and various controllers. Design of controllers using Matlab/Simulink.

Electronics Laboratory –

Introductory ECE courses in analog and digital circuits and electronics with modern industry-standard equipment and software.

Electrical Circuits Laboratory –

To acquaint students with basic concepts & properties of Electrical Circuits & networks

Engineering Practices Laboratory –

To provide exposure to the students with hands on experience on various Electrical Engineering practices.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory –

Programming using instructions of the 8085, 8086 processors and 8051 Microcontroller.

Power System Simulation Laboratory – I

To develop simple C programs for the following basic requirements:

  • Formation of bus admittance and impedance matrices and network solution.

  • Power flow solution of small systems using simple method, Gauss-Seidel P.F. method.

  • Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch.




Name : Mr.M.S Vijaya Baskkaran

Qualification: DEEE.,

Designation: LAB ASST


Experience: 18 Years

Name : Mr.K.Karthikeyan

Qualification:  B.E.,(M.E.,)

Designation: LAB ASST

Experience: 1 Year 3 Months